Out of the people who get the answers right, 100 of them will be given an original pin badge as a present.

Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the overseas edition trial page for the Mount Fuji Official Examination.

Our goal is to increase the knowledge and level of comprehension of one of Japan’s greatest symbols, “Mt. Fuji,” from its geological features and weather conditions to its history and environment. Therefore, we have been holding a certification exam for it since 2005.

Thanks to that, we have had many people take on this test and got a lot of support in 2013 when Mt. Fuji was registered as a Word Heritage Site.

Then, in 2015, for our 10th anniversary, we wish to have even more people captured by the allure of Mt. Fuji, so we decided to reach out to our friends abroad. Therefore, we have started planning at this time to lead off with a full-fledged overseas certificate examination.

Now, please challenge yourself by answering the three questions below, and let’s open the doors to a new world together.

(The Focus)

1. Please read through the next question carefully. Then, chose your answer from one of the three choices and click the checkbox next to it.

2. After that, please write your nickname and email address. Finally, hit the send button.

3. From the people who get the answer correct, we will have a drawing to choose 100 lucky winners. These winners will get an original pin badge.

4. Our organization will contact the successful candidates by email.

5. The deadline is May 31, 2015. We will post the correct answer on our webpage after that.




We are very grateful for the many responses we received.

- Announcement of Correct Answers to the Mt. Fuji Screening (for overseas) Play Plan

Thank you for the many responses to the many friends around the world of the Mt. Fuji Screening (for overseas) Play Plan.
Below are the answers to the three questions everyone worked so hard to answer.
To 100 people strictly selected from among those who answered all questions correctly, we will send a wonderful original pin badge.
The announcement of winners will be given from the administration office instead.

Question 1
Which country contains a mountain that has been registered as a “sister mountain” of Mount Fuji?

(b)The United States

Answer: (b)
Mt. Rainier (4,392 meters) in the state of Washington in the United States established a sister mountain exchange plan in 2003.

Question 2
What is the nationality of the first foreigner to have climbed Mt. Fuji?


Answer: (a)
The first British Ambassador to Japan, Mr. Rutherford Alcock was the first foreigner to climb Mr. Fuji, in 1860.

Question 3
Which month receives the most snow accumulation on the summit of Mount Fuji?


Answer: (a)
There is unexpectedly little snow during winter because of winter-related pressure distributions. Often times low pressures will pass by from the springtime.